Scratching Post and Wooden Trackball Toy


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A cat toy that is fun for cats and looks good? Yes, please! The Made4Pets scratching post and wooden trackball philharmonic is beautifully designed and offers lots of entertainment options for cats.



Badminton Shuttlecocks

Strauss Maxis Pro Nylon Shuttlecock

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Nylon yellow shuttle cock badminton Shuttlecock.

  • Durable and stable to stay put during play.
  • Ideal for small spaces with a maximum diameter of 13 inches.
  • Unlike plastic trackball toys, the wooden balls and tracks make this a much quieter toy.
  • Sisal wrapped scratching post.
  • Hanging wittiness toy adds some uneaten appeal.
  • Modern sleek diamond blends in with any decor.

The trackball toy is moreover misogynist as a standalone toy.


The Made4Pets scratching post and trackball toy is available from Amazon.


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