How to make Dog clothes/dresses

  1. No-Sew Sweater and Scarf

Make an adorable winter set with a deep-cut sock and an additional low-cut sock. Cut the toe off the low-cut sock. Estimate your dog from its neck to its arms. Add 0.12 inches (0.30 cm) to this estimation so the sweater fits your dog easy. Mark the measurement on the sock. Then, draw a round at the point where your dog’s arm is on one side, and rip out the round to make arm pit. Grab the extra low-cut sock. To make a stole, make two cuts from the cuff of the sock down to the toe. When you’re ready, you’ll have one strip of outfit.

  • If you prefer to make your dog a go with beanie, cut two split into the toe of the deep-cut sock for your dog’s ears.
  • If you require your dog to be color interrelate, use a deep-cut sock that’s the same color as the deep-cut sock.
  • If you require your dog’s scarf to add any variation, select a deep-cut sock with a dissimilar color or feel.
  1. No-sew Jacket

Grab an old swindle shirt and shears to make and furbish coat. Use your dog’s back estimation to decide the length of the sweater. Cut the sleeve off the fleece jacket. Cut over the tip that you noticeable down. Make sure the pit are big enough for your dog’s paws to fit along.

  • Rotate the cuff of the sleeves to make a collar for your dog’s coat. It will add a cute adorning touch to the coat.
  • If the collar is a little too tight for your dog, cut the cuff of the fleece sleeve.
  1. No-sew t-shirt

Use an old white sweater and scissors to raise this t-shirt. Cut down from the sweater’s shove to move the sleeve. Mark the estimation from your dog’s neck to its back end on the sleeves. Cut out a pit that your dog’s front can fit joining. Draw two arc at both sides of the sleeves and cut them out to make the arm pit. Draw a huge U-shape at the foot base edge of the sleeve and cut out an opening so your dog can go mad.

  • To give the t-shirt a symmetrical look, fold the sweater sleeve long ways. Draw a rounded at the opposite finish of the sleeves and break off.
  • To design a stylish collar for your dog, bend over the neck of the doggy t-shirt.
  • If you like to give your doggy t-shirt a particular touch, use fabric to add cute designs or write down a little message.
  1. Doggy jeans

Use a separate pattern and fabric to design doggy jeans. All you want is a single drawing to get began. Click one of the design under for the width that fits your dog. Take out stretchy and cut a strip out keeping to your dog’s waistline estimation. Sew the ends of the outfit together to make a cummerbund. Pick up your 2 design next to each other and on top of your cloth. Trace around them and cut out your doggy jeans. Place the belt into the upper part of the doggy jeans and sew it in place.


  • Size XS design (8 in (20 cm) waist)
  • Size S design (10 in (25 cm) waist)
  • Size M design (12 in (30 cm) waist)
  • Size L design (14 in (36 cm) waist)
  • Size XXL design (18 in (46 cm) waist)
  • Go for fabric with a denim print if you want the “blue jeans” look.
  • Use cloth with a soft finish like velvety if you require a lively style.
  1. Doggy Dress

Sew a bib, belt, and pillow slip jointly for a dress that pops. Cut a strip of cloth that matches your dog's middle. Sew on a strip of Velcro that's the same length to make the dress’s belt. Scale your dog from the central of its back to where you prefer the skirt to close. Use the estimation to lay off a strip from a pillow case. Furbelow the top edge of the strip and frill its sides. You’ve now made the skirt piece. Sew the it to the dress’s belt. Next, sew the base of the bib to the other end of the dress’s strap.

  • Choose a bib with any color and design you like, from a floral print to a cute tartan pattern. For another flair, pick up one with rumple or lacework frills.
  • Fit your dog’s neck throughout the collar of the bib and tight the belt around its waistline.
  1. Doggy raincoat

Grab a recyclable bag and sew a coat jointly for a rainy day. Select a bag made out of a waterproof substance, like nylon or vinyl. Disassemble the bag with a seam ripper. Print out a free dog coat design like this one. Pick up your design on top of the bag. Trace it and give up the form from the design. Sew a 14 in (0.64 cm) seam around the main piece of the coat. Edge the belly ensemble of the overcoat.

  • Attach Velcro tape to the belly band. Also sew Velcro tape to the side directly across from the belly band so you can secure the jacket when it’s on your dog.