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Pets love to play with toys. Toys for pets are a necessity or else they will get bored. They are important for their well-being. But choosing the right toys can be tough for pet owners. Dog toys should be full of fun. They should be safe also. They should be durable. Factors while choosing toys for pets depend upon the dog’s size, activity level, and personal liking. Another factor is the environment in which your pet spends time.

Toys that appear attractive are actually the most dangerous to them. Sharp and pointy objects should not be chosen for pets as they are dangerous for them. You should also make your dog-safe. You should keep string, ribbon, rubber bands, and children’s toys away from the dog’s reach.

Age of the pet

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If your pet is younger and has baby teeth, you can choose soft rubber toys. After the teeth get developed, then you can go for interactive toys. These will keep him full of energy. He will be active. When your pets get older, you can go for softer items again.

The toy’s size should be appropriate to the dog’s age and breed also. A large toy can be a bad toy for a puppy. A small toy can be a bad toy for a large dog as he can swallow it.

Toys should be of the perfect size

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Dog toys should be according to the dog’s size. Balls should be of a size that the dog can carry easily. They should not be too small. Dogs can swallow balls and toys that are too small. Avoid toys that aren’t safe for dogs. Alter toys that have ribbons or strings as these can be chewed by the dog.

Soft toys can be chosen for pets

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Soft toys are loved by dogs. They love playing with them. Many toys have a squeaker inside them. These should be avoided as many pets like to tear the toys. And they can ingest the squeaker.

But there are many stuffing-free toys. Soft toys cannot be destroyed. Soft toys can be washed in the machine. Washing is important because they become dirty because of playing.

Avoid Rawhides

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Do not get rawhides or rawhide types of toys. These can be chewed by the pet. And then, these become stuck in their throat.

Toys for high-energy dogs

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For high-energy dogs, you can use very hard rubber toys. These are in the market in different shapes and sizes. Dogs find it fun to touch them with their mouth and they are safe. They can be carried around and played with. Rope toys are also great. Dogs like to fetch with them. Tennis balls are also good toys for digs. Make sure that they don’t have anything that could be chewed. If they are cracked, dispose them off.

Chew toys

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Dogs like to chew on bones. You can select a chew toy for your dog. This depends on the materials, the size of the pet’s mouth, and whether or not they are digested. You should avoid rawhide. These can choke the throat of the pet. You can go for flavored chews that are made up of non-edible ingredients. You can choose a digestible chew like Greenies. Chew toys should not be given to pets whose teeth are missing. And also to pets who have loose teeth due to dental disease.

Treat toys and puzzle toys

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Treat toys that have broken-up treats and peanut butter are good for smart pets. Treat toys keep the dog busy for hours. The dog can access the treats by chewing. It is rewarding.

Puzzle toys are great for smart pets and those that get bored easily. In puzzle toys, treats are hidden inside compartments. The dog has to search for them. The toys have different skill levels. Once your pet passes one skill level, you can move on to harder skill levels.

Comfort toys

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There are dogs that want to kill the toy or shake it. These toys should be of appropriate size. Attacking can be pleasurable to the pet. If the toys are stuffed, it is essential that the play is supervised.

Rotate the toy collection