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A long line is a wonderful piece of equipment. Whenever you are in an environment where you finger well-appointed and unscratched to use one, these lines will requite you the self-rule to have fun and train. Combined with unconfined training and yummy treats they can moreover help stop a puppy from pulling on the leash. When a pup has increasingly room to move there is less of a endangerment of pulling.

Get a biothane line and learn how to use it. It is an essential piece of equipment to have in your puppy-raising toolbox. I recommend investing in a couple of variegated lengths, 10 or 12 feet as well as a 20 or 30 footer.

Watch a short tutorial on long lines on our Ultimate Puppy YouTube channel.

I get mine custom-made from Trail Blazing Tails or Dog Walkies. Crafted to suit my particular needs. They may moreover be misogynist at your local pet supply store.

5 Reasons To Get a Long Line & Learn How to Use it

Besides stuff increasingly fun to go on walks with than a shorter line, here are some other things to use one for:

Freedom – increasingly room to move, sniff and explore!

Sniffing – results from an interesting study found that the longer the line the increasingly the dog sniffed. Sniffing is important for your puppy’s health.

Socialization – using a longer line gives a puppy the space to navigate each situation with less of a endangerment of experiencing a tight leash.

Calling your puppy to come – spread out with a 20-foot line and practice calling your puppy to come yonder from distraction.

Games – play ‘find it’ and toss a wittiness easily.

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