DogTime Review: Will Earth Animal’s ‘Calm Down’ Herbal Remedy Help Stressed Dogs Relax?

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Macki is a stressed out dog. My little Yorkshire Terrier is anxious about almost everything. He doesn’t care for strangers, he’s not a fan of other dogs, and he really hates being left home alone. I’ll admit that when I got the opportunity to try out Earth Animal’s Calm Down herbal remedy, I was skeptical that it could help.

Macki has come along way since we rescued him. He was already nine years old back then, and he had a lot of anxiety issues. With training and positive reinforcement, we’ve helped him a lot. However, there’s only so much we can do.

I’ve never been a big believer in herbal remedies, but I’m always willing to try something that even has a small chance of helping Macki feel better. He’s my little guy! So did Earth Animal’s Calm Down remedy actually work? Here’s how it went.

What Is Earth Animal’s Calm Down Remedy?

calm down herbal remedy

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Firstly, you may be wondering just what this ‘Calm Down’ remedy actually is. Earth Animal is a company that focuses on natural products for pets. Dr. Bob Goldstein is the veterinarian and mind behind the blend that makes up Calm Down, which is an herbal remedy tincture meant to help animals relax.

This particular solution’s active ingredients include extracts of skullcap, valerian, chamomile, passion flower, ginkgo, and lemon balm. Because the ingredients are natural, I wasn’t too concerned about Macki experiencing side effects that might come with trying a new medication.

Calm Down is just one of several herbal remedies that Earth Animal offers, so if your dog has an ailment or needs to feel better, you should check out the rest of their line. They have solutions for tons of conditions.

Macki Tries ‘Calm Down’ To Calm Down

Macki calming down

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

The instructions for the Calm Down remedy said to administer orally either directly into the mouth or mixed with a small amount of water. I figured it would be easier to squirt it into Macki’s mouth directly, as he doesn’t really drink water on command.

Macki didn’t love that part. However, he quickly learned that getting his tincture to the mouth always ended with a treat, so he tolerated it after a while.

As I mentioned, I’m skeptical of herbal remedies, but I decided to give this one a fair shot and gave it to my pup for two weeks. I must say, I was absolutely blown away.

Macki’s general anxiety went down a lot in those two weeks. Considering we had a lot of house guests, intense storms, and people shooting off fireworks, the Calm Down solution had its work cut out for it, and–after only about a week of use–it didn’t disappoint.

Macki was more relaxed when we left him alone. We have a security camera that we can check remotely, and rather than pacing, having accidents, or refusing to stop watching the door like usual, Macki lied down and took naps.

When it came to Macki’s stranger anxiety and fear of other dogs, the product didn’t work miracles. He’s very afraid of people and pets in his territory, and that’s hard to eliminate completely. However, he barked less and stopped a lot more quickly than usual.

When it came to Macki’s general anxiety, the Calm Down remedy reduced his condition to where it was completely unnoticeable. For his situational anxiety, the product didn’t necessarily cure him, but it greatly reduced his anxious behavior.

Should You Get Earth Animal’s Calm Down For Your Stressed Pooch?

If you have a dog who suffers from anxiety, I can’t recommend this product enough. It may not cure your pup, but for Macki, the change was absolutely remarkable. As someone who didn’t buy into herbal solutions, I’m now a convert.

As a bonus, we also tried the Calm Down solution on Macki’s cousin dog, an Old English Sheepdog named Lottie. She took it only one time before fireworks started nearby, and she absolutely conked out. Usually, she’s terrified of loud noises, but after taking Calm Down, she was off to dreamland.

You can buy Earth Animal’s Calm Down herbal remedy here!

Have you ever tried Earth Animal’s Calm Down remedy? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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