DogTime Review: Still Wondering If A RoboVac Helps Clean Up After Pets? Here’s A Dog Mom’s One Year Eufy Update!

(Picture Credit: Julia)

I wrote up a review last year for the Eufy RoboVac after using it for about a month. As a dog mom, I was eager to try it out and see if it could help keep the minor day-to-day pet messes, especially all that fur from shedding season, in check.

You can check out that original review here!

If you’ve read that review, then you can already tell that I loved my Eufy, even after a short time using it. But I wanted to write an update after living with the robotic vacuum for a year. Has anything changed? Is it still getting the job done?

If you’ve got a dog–or a few dogs–at home who shed or track in dirt, as dogs do, then maybe you’re still wondering if a RoboVac can help. Well, on the anniversary of bringing home my Eufy, here’s a dog mom’s honest updated review.

Eufy RoboVac Is Still Cleaning Messes After A Year

After a year of using my RoboVac, I’m still very happy with it. I strongly recommend Eufy RoboVac if you have a dog who sheds a lot!

I actually have two Eufy RoboVacs–one on each floor of my house. My family of five includes two dogs. With all the coming and going, the five of us produce a lot of fur, hair, dirt, and debris.

My Eufy RoboVacs are two different models–the 30C and the 11S. I personally don’t notice much difference between them, but my husband does. He likes the bells and whistles that come with the 30C.

My second floor Eufy is on auto-set and works her magic every day at 11am. My ground floor Eufy, gets to work every evening when I go up to bed. I push the button with my toe because my arms are full carrying my blind dog upstairs. Yep, it’s that easy to push the button.

It’s Easy To Direct Your Eufy Where To Go

eufy strip

(Picture Credit: Julia)

One thing that I barely mentioned in the first review is the Eufy strips. If you have an area that you would like Eufy to avoid, the 30C model comes with strips that you can lay down, and Eufy will skip that area completely.

Along with extra sucking power of the 30C, you can also connect to WiFi and use your Eufy app.

eufy robovac going around strips

(Picture Credit: Julia)

In my previous review, I mentioned that if you close a door, you can have Eufy concentrate on specific areas or to have her skip rooms entirely.

Let’s say you are doing your taxes and have papers all over the floor, these strips are great for roping off areas for Eufy to skip.

These strips work just as effectively as closing a door.

You May Still Need To Do Some Troubleshooting

Over the past year, I’ve learned that if something seems off with your Eufy, it probably is.

One night I woke up to my vacuum seeming much louder than I remembered. Since it worked at night, I didn’t notice it right away.

It turned out that it was in need of a replacement brush. I replaced the brush and it went back to quietly working.

Eufy tool for cleaning brush and bristles

(Picture Credit: Julia)

The brushes don’t need replacing often, but when my hair was longer, several long strands would get wound around the brush daily, and when I yanked them out, I pulled out some bristles, too. I have found more effective ways, of getting the hair out. It includes the tool above that was included with my Eufy.

Also, about once every few weeks I will find Eufy the next morning off the charger and stuck after winding around a forgotten phone cord or a towel on the floor, even though I usually make a point of picking them all up so Eufy can work.

If this happens, don’t yank the cord out. The brush cartridge opens really easily and you can unwind the cord or other item so you don’t damage anything on either side.

Accidents Happen

Here’s an instance worth mentioning. A while ago, I was driving home from out of town and getting back later than expected. I told my dog sitter to just drop the dogs off at my house–rather than me picking them up at midnight or the next day–and I’d be there in a few hours.

One of my dogs wound up having an accident in the house, and Eufy went off as scheduled. Long story short, Eufy never worked properly again.

I wound up purchasing another one and no longer use the auto-schedule on the ground floor. Obviously, I should have just paid for one more day of dog-sitting.

But if there’s a chance of your dog going number two while you’re not home to clean it up, do not use the auto-schedule!

You’ll Need To Keep Up With Some Regular Maintenace

All that dirt and fur needs to go somewhere, and it doesn’t just disappear when Eufy gobbles it up. That means you’ll have to empty out your RoboVac and do a little cleaning. Luckily, it’s all easy and straightforward.

I empty the tray daily or as needed. Sometimes the second floor can get away with every two or three days. Every one to three weeks I take Eufy outside and give it a brush down. This takes about a minute or less.

The under side should be cleaned as needed or every few weeks. Examine the brush, and if hair or strings are wound around it, clean them out. This usually takes anywhere from one to three minutes.

Above is a picture-by-picture guide that goes over my Eufy maintenance process.

As you can see, it’s super easy peasy maintenance.

Make Sure To Help Eufy Get All Around

Laundry and small table

(Picture Credit: Julia)

One other thing I like to do regularly, is move small furniture around. I have small tables, a valet, laundry bin, and scale on my second floor.

Moving items around occasionally can help Eufy get behind and underneath

(Picture Credit: Julia)

Every few weeks, I move them a foot to the right or left so Eufy can get under those areas. She really does a very nice job.

Moving furniture and small items around will help your RoboVac get at those harder to reach–and often forgotten about–spaces and gaps.

Eufy Works For Me!

I was hesitant about buying a RoboVac because they can be pricey and because I’d heard negative things about them. If you have a complicated housing situation, these may not work well for you.

I wanted to write this update voluntarily because I love my Eufy RoboVac so much. It works really well for me. As a dog mom, I can say it’s been a big help when it comes to keeping things clean.

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Do you use a RoboVac to clean up after your pups? Do you think it helps during shedding season? Let us know in the comments below!

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