Dogtime Review: How Well Do Pet Parents Belly Bands Hold Up?

(Picture Credit: Julia)

When Pet Parents asked if I would like to try out their belly bands for my senior dog, George, and then write up a review about them, I jumped at the chance.

George is a 15-year-old dog who has enjoyed a long life full of marking his yard–and his house. I only discovered belly bands a few years ago, but wish I had sooner. They might have saved the wood floors in my last house.

If you’re like me and you have one or more senior male dogs at home–or just dogs who are still housetraining–you’re probably familiar with belly bands. So how do Pet Parents belly bands compare to those from other brands?

Here’s what George and I thought about Pet Parents belly bands.

How Do Pet Parents Belly Bands Stack Up?

pet parents belly band

(Picture Credit: Julia)

I’ve tried several different brands of belly bands over the last few years, but these belly bands from Pet Parents are the best quality I have come across. My usual complaint is inferior velcro wearing out after a few months.

The Pet Parents belly band velcro and materials are superior. The fabric does a great job protecting my dog and keeping him dry. Look at the stitching in the picture above. Definitely a quality product!

George was comfortable, dry, and had no complaints. Two paws up from my sweet senior!

Here are some of the great things about these belly bands:

  • They are washable and reusable.
  • They are very well-made. (Best quality I’ve ever seen.)
  • They’re adaptable. If your pup’s weight fluctuates, you won’t have to buy another size.
  • The fabric is top notch. The material seems to really draw the moisture away from my dog. Sometimes I have to go by smell to even tell if it’s been used. That is great news for my dog.

There was only one bit of bother when ordering the bands. You have to measure your dog to make sure that you have the correct size, which can be a hassle. I always wish that I could just type in my dog’s breed and that they could tell me what size to use. However, it’s completely understandable because one of my pups is a mutt, and breed sizes can vary.

Also, please note that belly bands are specifically for male dogs. Female dogs require dog diapers. Pet Parents sells dog diapers, as well, though I only tried the belly bands so far.

Tips For Using Pet Parents Belly Bands

One thing to remember about belly bands is that they shouldn’t be worn around the clock. Your dog really does need time to lick and scratch himself, and his skin should also be able to air out.

Pick and choose when your dog will wear the band. My dog wears it when we go to a movie or out to dinner and on sleepovers at the baby sitter’s. Luckily, I work from home and am able to take him outside every three to four hours. That said, he still finds a way to mark in the house.

Since I won’t let George wear belly bands around the clock, I still find pee pees here and there, but belly bands have hugely decreased the sightings and stepping-ins.

Tips For Washing And Making Belly Bands Last

pet parents belly band

(Picture Credit: Julia)

After using a Pet Parents belly band, velcro shut like in the picture above until it’s time for the wash.

It contains the smell pretty well.

pet parents belly band

(Picture Credit: Julia)

When you’re ready to wash the belly band, flip it inside out, but make sure that it remains velcro’d shut. If you leave it open, fibers can get into the velcro and reduce its ability to stick and stay closed.

My Recommendation: Pet Parents Belly Bands Are Worth It!

These belly bands are high quality. If you have a male dog who has accidents, these will certainly help save your floors.

Here’s a list of dogs who might benefit from Pet Parents belly bands:

  • Seniors who are starting to have more accidents
  • Dogs with medical issues that cause incontinence
  • Pooches who are still housetraining
  • Dogs who have nervous or anxious accidents
  • Pups who like to mark whenever they go somewhere new

I would definitely buy these in the future, and I definitely recommend them!

Check out Pet Parents Belly Bands!

Does your male dog ever wear belly bands? How do you like them, and what do you look for when choosing which belly bands to use? Let us know in the comments below!

The writer of this review received no financial compensation from the manufacturer for any opinions expressed in this article.

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