DogTime Review: Do Earth Animal ‘No-Hide Wholesome Chews’ Stand Up To A Master Chewer?

archer the dog

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

Our dog’s name is Archer. Archer is a rescue, so we aren’t sure what his exact breed is, though the people at the shelter guessed Boxer, Terrier, and Mountain Cur. Others have guessed Labrador. Others have guessed Golden Retriever.

Regardless of what breed he is, one thing is certain: he has the chewing ability of a steel-jawed super mutant canine from the Chomp Dimension.

In the over two years we’ve had him, he’s chewed up countless shoes, boots, sandals, pillows, blankets, beds, chairs, couches, socks, underwear, bras, stuffed animals, pens, pencils, markers, action figures, TV remotes, and more. One time I even caught him chewing on a rock. Seriously. A rock.

So when we were offered the Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Chews, I wasn’t sure how long they would actually last. “Wholesome Chews? More like ‘Archer Will Chew Them Whole’,” I said to no one. I then went to my girlfriend and repeated my clever wordplay. “Hey Mary, these are Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Chews. More like ‘Archer Will Chew Them Whole’.” She stared at me in a way that could only be described as distraught.

How did Earth Animal No-Hide Wholeseome Chews stand up to Archer’s chompers? Here’s his review!

Archer The Master Chewer Tries Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Chews

To say Archer is an aggressive chewer is an understatement. He is a full-powered chewing weapon of mass destruction. Chew toys last minutes with him.

Given that Archer is such a strong chewer–I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that–I spaced the Chews out. When he would finish one, I would wait a day or two before giving him the next one.

A great thing about the Chews is that they’re easily digestible, so I don’t need to worry about Archer biting off pieces and eating them.

Earth Animal No Hide Wholesome Chews boasts an average 80 percent digestibility compared to just 18 percent in rawhide and are made with absolutely NO chemicals, bleaches, formaldehydes, or additives.

archer tries wholesome chews

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

We began with the Chicken Flavored Chew.

It was a giant success. I expected Archer to love the flavor, but what I was surprised about was how durable the Chew was. It lasted three days!

That may not sound like a long time, but for Archer, who is a very strong chewer–which I have subtly hinted at earlier–this is quite an accomplishment.

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

We then moved on to the Pork flavored.

archer tries beef flavored chew

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

Then the Beef Flavored Chew.

archer tries salmon flavor chew

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

Then the Salmon Flavored Chew.

archer tries venison flavor chew

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

And finally, the Venison Flavored Chew

Archer really loved the Venison Flavored Chew. “That’s because Archer’s so dear,” I said to no one. I then went to my girlfriend and repeated my clever wordplay. “Hey Mary, Archer likes the Venison flavor so much because he’s so dear.” She excused herself from the room, shaking her head as she walked away.

archer buries chews in toy bag

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

Archer also really likes to bury his toys in his toy box, and the Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Chews were wonderful for that.

archer tries chicken strips

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

Earth Animal also offers All Natural Chicken Strips made from humanely-raised, American chickens without antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or steroids. These Chicken Strips went fast, and Archer absolutely loved them.

Should You Get Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Chews For Your Dog?

I can, without any hesitation, recommend Earth Animal No Hide Chews as well as the All Natural Chicken Strips to any dog owner. You can purchase these products secure in the knowledge that Earth Animal makes them with the utmost care for your furry friend.

5 out of 5 archers

(Picture Credit: Brian Sweeney)

On a scale of 0 to 5 Archers, Earth Animal No Hide Chews and Earth Animal All Natural Chicken Strips get 5 Out Of 5 Archers!

You can get Earth Animal No Hide Chews online here!

You can get Earth Animal Chicken Strips online here!

Does your pup go through chews as fast as Archer? What other products should Archer try? Let us know in the comments below!