DogTime Review: Can Yogi-Dog Yogurt Pass Your Pup’s Taste Test AND Help Digestion?

(Picture Credit: Maggie Clancy)

I have two dogs, one of whom is an older Chihuahua mix. Her name is Genie, and I’m always on the prowl for dietary supplements that will help her go potty with ease.

She tends to strain when relieving herself despite having her anal glands relieved and no underlying health issues, so anything that promises to keep her gut healthy already has my attention. When I was given the chance to try out Yogi-Dog’s Yogurt for Dogs, I was really excited.

Could adding this to my Genie’s food help soften her stools? And what would it do for my other dog, Betty, whose digestive system seems to be on track? We gave Yogi-Dog a try to find out!

My Pups Give Their Yogi-Dog Review

Yogi-Dog boasts eight active cultures to help keep your pup’s digestive health in check. There are also no added sugars or artificial ingredients, which made me feel comfortable with giving it to my doggos.

The product comes in three flavors: peanut butter cream, original, and (the most perplexing to me) cheddar cheese. My dogs thoroughly enjoyed all of them, but the peanut butter cream was a clear favorite. Genie would lick both her bowl and Betty’s bowl clean on the days I gave them the peanut butter flavor.

I gave each pup roughly a teaspoon mixed in with their regular dry food in the mornings and evenings. Admittedly, I was a little nervous that the yogurt would be too rich for my dogs and I would come home from work to a runny mess.

Fortunately, Yogi-Dog is also lactose-free, so there were no accidents or runs–thankfully!

Did Yogi-Dog Help My Pooches Feel Better?

As far as digestion goes, I really think that Yogi-Dog helped Genie’s stool soften a bit! I’ve tried both wet and dry food–the former of which she refuses to eat for some reason–and combining the Yogi-Dog yogurt with dry food seemed to be a winning combination.

There were still times when Genie took a little extra time relieving herself, but she wasn’t scootching her butt post-poop as much as she normally does.

Betty also seemed to enjoy the Yogi-Dog yogurt, and even though her bowel movements are pretty easy, it seemed to have helped keep her a bit more regular.

The product is also super easy to use and store. Since I have smaller dogs, there was no way I could use one yogurt in one sitting, so it is nice that the product has a resealable lid. It also has a pretty solid shelf life, as long it’s refrigerated!

As of writing, Yogi-Dog yogurt is only available on the East Coast. Here’s to hoping that they expand, because I know my West Coast pups are going to be wanting more as soon as we run out.

You can check out Yogi-Dog for your pooch here!

Has your dog ever tried Yogi-Dog? Did they like the taste? Did it help with digestion? Let us know in the comments below!