DogTime Review: A Picky Pup Tries ‘CookiePal Treats’–And So Does Her Human Mom!

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

Like any rational pet parent, I adore my ten-year-old Maltipoo rescue, Leia, and believe she’s absolutely perfect. However, one of the more difficult traits she’s adopted from her human mom is being a picky eater.

We’ve sampled many dog treats, and although a few have met her mild approval, most don’t even pass the sniff test. We haven’t really figured out the reasoning, which makes it all the more challenging.

She did thoroughly enjoy some seasonal all-natural sweet potato-and-salmon treats her grandparents gave her for Christmas, so I was hopeful when CookiePal reached out to DogTime to ask if we’d like to give their treats a try. I saw their amazing ingredient lists, which include sweet potatoes for some flavors.

So did my picky pooch enjoy CookiePal dog treats? Here’s how it went!

Leia The Maltipoo Picks Her Flavor

cookie pal treats with a paw peaking in at the bottom right

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

CookiePal sent all four of their flavors for us to try: Turmeric & Ginger; Sweet Potato & Flaxseed; Pumpkin & Chia; and Banana & Coconut. The ingredients are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

I didn’t even have to ask Leia which one she wanted to start with–she told me in no uncertain terms. It was so funny; I’d never seen her react to treats like this before.

She was very eager to try the Banana & Coconut flavor, and she was ever so helpful in showing me. You can tell from the tiny paw in the lower right of the picture above!

I was just as excited as Leia. Had we finally found an easy-to-obtain, non-seasonal treat that Leia loved?

These delicious-smelling treats come in break-apart rows, so you can give as big or small a piece to your dog as you’d like.

Our dog is tiny–six to seven pounds, depending on how recently she’s gotten a haircut–so I gave her one piece at a time. They are the texture of a crispy cookie, so expect some crumbs when you do.

A Picky Pup Tries CookiePal Treats

Occasionally, we will offer Leia a treat when she goes to the bathroom outside, just to remind her that this is the highly preferred place to do so. Leia took off in an excited jaunt when she saw me put the treat into my pocket and wasted no time getting to business.

It was an instant hit! Leia gobbled up the treat immediately and searched the ground, and subsequently, my hand, for any crumbs. She loved Banana & Coconut.

She had no upset stomach later, either. We keep her on a strict diet and keep treats small and not-too-frequent, so this tells me the ingredients were good quality and made her stomach as happy as her taste buds.

We did the same routine, trying one a day, for the other flavors, and Leia seemed to love them all equally. Though, I don’t think it was a coincidence she chose Banana & Coconut first–that was probably her favorite.

One For You; One For Me

Leia sniffs a treat

(Picture Credit: Amanda)

I noticed the packaging said “human-grade,” and the website says, “COOKIEPAL is a healthy treat carefully developed for your pet that you can enjoy too. They are made from organic and simple ingredients in a human grade production facility.”

I didn’t really need encouragement to try them, once I noticed how delicious they all smelled; they all smell like slightly different Teddy Grahams. For the sake of science–and of being a good pet parent–I decided to try two of the flavors, myself.

First, I tried the Pumpkin & Chia. I’m a huge fan of all things pumpkin, so I thought this would be my favorite. When I tasted it, I was happy to discover it didn’t taste super-sweet–just barely sweet. It tasted more like a cracker, somewhere between savory and sweet.

I noticed this flavor and the Sweet Potato & Flaxseed both had ground lentils as a base, whereas the Banana & Coconut and Turmeric & Ginger flavors both have oats as a base.

I decided to try Leia’s favorite, too. The Banana & Coconut was a lot sweeter, though it didn’t taste like candy. I suspect the sweetness comes mostly from the fruit; though all the “cookies” do have molasses in them. Since pumpkin isn’t naturally sweet, it made sense why that treat would be more savory than the fruit treat.

The Verdict From Dog And Human

All of these treats were a hit with Leia, so if you’re fretting over which one to choose, don’t worry–they are similar enough to each other that your dog would probably like any of them. All four have different ingredients, so you wouldn’t go wrong getting a whole set.

My set has an expiration date of next year; since they’re all natural, they may not last as long, but you could easily go through them before the date passes.

However, if you’re looking just to get two, Leia and I would recommend that you get one of the oat-based–Banana & Coconut, her very favorite, or Turmeric & Ginger–and one of the lentil-based–Sweet Potato & Flaxseed or Pumpkin & Chia.

They even have a current promo code for 35 percent off of your first-time order if you’re trying to make room in your treat budget for multiple flavors. The code at checkout is Pal35.

DogTime is not profiting from your purchase–just passing along the sale information!

You Can Judge This Book By Its Cover

Its worth noting the very bags these treats come in, too. The bags are biodegradable for quick decomposition, and sales support various environmental nonprofits.

The company is a member of “1% for the Planet ®,” a network of businesses that donate one percent of sales to a variety of nonprofits that help the environment.

Beyond that, CookiePal also supports the Pet Sustainability Coalition and Working Dogs for Conservation, two organizations that work towards benefiting the welfare of dogs.

Thank you, from Leia and me, to CookiePal for sending their treats to us to test for an honest review. We both loved them, and we will definitely be ordering more once we run out!

You can buy CookiePal treats here. Don’t forget to use coupon code Pal35 at checkout for 35 percent off of your first order.

Has your dog ever tried CookiePal treats? What did they think? Have you ever tasted your dog’s treats? Let us know in the comments below!

The writer of this review received no financial compensation from CookiePal for the opinions provided in the article above.