We love holidays. But to pets, they are like normal days until and unless you make them special for them. You also have to take care of safety. Safety measures will make your pet holidays a happy time for both.

Give him a wonderful surprise

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Gifts are something that everyone awaits. You can plan a surprise for your pet. You can hang a stocking and fill it with pet toys. You can unwrap a gift in your pet’s presence. This will make him feel something special. You can gift him a cozy bed. You can gift him a bath equipment.

Give your pet food and attention

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You can give your pet more time during holidays. You can with play with a toy. You can use clicker training. Feed him properly. Give him his favorite food. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed with food and interaction. So, interact with him well. Spend time with him. Give him attention. Reward him when he shows desired behavior. You can make some treats for him at home. You can make biscuits. You can make cookies.

Give him a cozy space to stay

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Your pet should have a cozy space to sleep. It should be warm. Give him a sweater and waterproof coat to wear. You can buy him ThunderShirts. You can decorate their spaces. Decorations can give your pet a different view than a usual one. So, you can use bright decorative lights and toys. You can put a picture of you and your pet.

Make your pet busy

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There should be specific things in your pet’s routine like meals, walks, and playtime. Make your dog eat something first thing in the morning. Take him to a walk after lunch. Walks can be a great way to enjoy nature scenery. You can also play indoor games when your pet doesn’t want to go out. You can play hide and seek. You can play Frisbee. You can go for a run in the lawn. You can play in the park. Keep a checklist of your pet’s daily needs. See if they ate being met. Give him some exercise. It helps in releasing excess energy. Pets who do not get enough exercise get anxious. These can be walks and physical play with toys. Keep your pet active. Give him some mental stimulation. You can keep food puzzles so that it is like a game for your pet to get food. You can spread pieces of kibble around your home and the pet can search for them and eat.

Pet-safe party

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You have to make adjustments in your pet’s routines when holidays come in. If you are throwing a party, you would invite friends and other people. But this can be intimidating for your pet. Noises can also be intimidating for your pet. Some dogs like being with people. But some pets don’t like their personal space being disturbed by other people.

Don’t make your pet interact with visitors if he is hiding. Don’t ask visitors to give pets food from their plates. Don’t use helium balloons as these can scare your pet.

Make a safe place for your pet

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If you see that your pet is frightened, then you can make a safe place for your pet. You can keep him inside a spare room where there is no noise, or music, or loud lights. You can play calming music for your pet or white noise.

For dogs who have severe noise anxiety, you can bring ThunderShirts. These shirts provide gentle pressure and it gives a nice cuddle to pets.

Choose safe food for pets

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The food should be safe for your pet. Avoid foods like rich, fatty dishes, chocolate, desserts, and candy are not safe for pets. These foods can cause gastrointestinal problems for your pet.

Keep phone numbers of your vet ready. You should be prepared for any pet emergency. If your pet has got any mild problem, give him plenty of water.

Reduce Christmas Tree trauma

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Safety in Christmas for your pet starts with the tree. Dogs get excited by pine-scented Christmas tree. Dogs can break the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Gifts can be eaten by your pet

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Dogs can get excited by ribbon. They might want to eat it. Keep unopened gifts away from your pet. Throw gift wrappers in a garbage bag as soon as gifts are opened.

Keep holiday plants away from your pet

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Holiday plants are dangerous for pets. You can go for alternatives like artificial plants. Lilies can be harmful for pets. Holly can also be harmful for pets. Poinsettias is also toxic for pets. You can move these plants to a place away from pets. Or you can go for artificial plants.

Keep pets away from candles and scents

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You should keep away pets away from real candles. Pets get excited by candles. You can go for candles that you can plug in or those with batteries. Candle holders should have stable surfaces. You should also avoid essential oils and potpourri sachets. If the pet is exposed to these things, then pet’s skin or mouth can be damaged. They can cause illness. They can cause harm if ingested.

Reach out to a vet beforehand

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Talk to a vet ahead of time. You can ask him for medications and supplements that will be required for your pet in relaxing him. Your pet can tell that you can work with a veterinary behaviorist or positive reinforcement trainer who can helping in treating fears of your pet.


Holidays are a great way for enjoyment for both the pet and his owner. It is important that you spend most of the time with your pet during the holidays. You have to make the most out of these holidays. So, give him attention and interaction. Give him homemade treats. Give him a cozy space to sleep. You also have to keep your pet safe during holidays. So, you should make sure that there are not too many guests. Keep things like ribbons, candles, scents, Christmas tree, plants away from the pet.

By Bhawna