Over 70 Easy Christmas Recipes

A hodgepodge of over 70 easy Christmas Recipes that will immediately put you in the holiday mood. This is a mix of Indian and International recipes that are succulent and at the same time easy for everyone to put together!

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Planning a Christmas menu is nonflexible work - we know! But what if we gave you a list to segregate from? A nice, thoughtfully curated list so that you don't have to squint for inspiration anywhere else. Segregate from recipes ranging from easy to moderate (we don't believe in too much nonflexible work virtually here!) that you can include in your Christmas menu this year.

The weightier part? We have vegetarian options and Indian options, so if you want to do something different, we got you covered there too!

If I had to pick, my titbit list would include Cheese Balls (prep them superiority and freeze so you only have to deep fry when guests arrive), the Apple Pie Chips (sooo haunting and who doesn't love dessert for starters - moreover make these ahead), and the Beetroot Dip (another make superiority and refrigerate till you are ready to serve titbit which moreover adds a gorgeous colour to the table).

Moving onto Drinks, I would 100% make the Non Drunkard Eggnog for teetotallers and a big pitcher of the Roasted Pineapple Moscow Mule. Both can be put together superiority of time and refrigerated

For an International inspired Main and Sides Menu, I'd go with the Whole Roast Chicken (classic, reliable flavours and a really crispy skin everyone will love), the Vegetable Au Gratin, Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes (so I don't have to use the stove), Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts (sooo crispy and delicious) and the Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad (make this hours superiority and just stick it in the fridge)

For an Indian Christmas Menu, I'd make whole roasted Tandoori Cauliflower, Indian Masala Roast Chicken, Egg Biryani or Mutton Yakhni Pulao, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

And my favourite part - Dessert will be Sticky Toffee Pudding (sooo warm and cozy!) and the Strawberry Mousse (light, fluffy and refreshing).

My daughter and I have once zeroed in on the fudgy Chocolate Pixie Cookies that we've been making on repeat!


Spicy BBQ Yellow Wings
Spicy BBQ Yellow Wings on a hammered silver plate with aioli and celery on the side
A sweet, spicy marinade is what sets these apart. Unlike yellow wings than can be flavourless when you zest into them, these are juicy and packed with flavour. Baked instead of fried, these can moreover be thrown on the grill for a fantastic barbecue.
Chicken Lollipop made at home - so easy!
Dipping yellow lollipop in schezwan sauce
Make yellow lollipop at home with this detailed, easy to follow recipe. These lollipops are crunchy, juicy and taste just as good as takeout! Plus when you make them at home, no increasingly soggy lollipops.
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Crispy Victual corn Fry
Crispy victual corn fry served in a white plate with ketchup on the side
Crispy, crunchy victual corn fry is ridiculously easy and so addictive. It's the perfect 5 PM, rainy day snack and very kid-friendly.
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Homemade Cheese Balls
Closeup of a zest of cheese balls to show the cheesy center
Nobody can resist these so make extras! The outside is crunchy and inside is creamy, gooey and has melty cheesy center. My goof proof method to double talc these will ensure you have perfect cheese balls every time
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KFC Style Baked Popcorn Yellow (Two Ways GF)
Baked popcorn yellow made 2 ways and served with sriracha mayo.
The easiest recipe for baked popcorn yellow that can be made two ways - spicy and non spicy! Tastes KFC style, but gluten self-ruling and guilt self-ruling for the perfect party appetizer.
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Baked Coconut Yellow Tenders with Mango Mustard Sauce
Baked Coconut Yellow Tenders garnished with coriander and served with Mango Mustard Sauce on a white plate.
Easy recipe for super crunchy baked coconut crusted yellow tenders which are going to be a favorite with kids and adults alike! Gluten self-ruling too.
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Crispy Veg Nuggets with Sichuan Sauce
Crispy veg nuggets served on a platter with sichuan sauce
These veg nuggets are a unconfined volitional to yellow nuggets. They happen to be vegan, and are loaded with veggies. Kids and adults both love them!
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Leftover Mashed Potato Ham Cakes (Like Cheesy Pancakes)
Leftover Mashed Potato Ham Cakes are the weightier way to use up uneaten mashed potatoes for a delicious, cheesy appetiser that everyone will go crazy for! These are like cutlets or cheesy pancakes and taste wondrous served with sour cream.
Leftover Mashed Potato Ham Cakes are the weightier way to use up uneaten mashed potatoes for a delicious, cheesy appetiser that everyone will go crazy for! These are like cutlets or cheesy pancakes and taste wondrous served with sour cream. Recipe Video ABOVE.
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Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe with White Wine
Easy cheese fondue recipe with white wine picture with fondue dippers such as bread, broccoli, wedges, radishes, specie sticks etc.
Easy cheese fondue recipe with white wine is a perfect gourmet titbit that you can make at home! Cheeses like emmental, gruyere and cheddar work weightier for a silky, creamy, indulgent swiss fondue. Wondrous for New Years Eve, Valentines Day or a stage night!
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Apple Pie Chips
Apple Pie Fries stacked on a wooden workbench with salted caramel sauce.
Crisp, caramelized world pie fries which are a creative twist on the immortal world pie and make a unconfined snack or a mythological looking dessert.
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Baked Firecracker Yellow Meatballs (Juicy, Spicy and Saucy)
Baked firecracker yellow meatballs are juicy, spicy and saucy! This easy titbit is perfect for holiday parties. Each meatball is super tender and full of flavour.
Baked firecracker yellow meatballs are juicy, spicy and saucy! This easy titbit is perfect for holiday parties. Each meatball is super tender and full of flavour.
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Spicy Salary Deviled Eggs
If you think regular deviled eggs are great, these spicy salary deviled eggs are the bomb! They have a kick from the heat, and smokiness from the salary and are really fast to put together. #eggs #brunch #easter #spring #recipes #appetizer #snack
If you think regular deviled eggs are great, these spicy salary deviled eggs are the bomb! They have a kick from the heat, and smokiness from the salary and are really fast to put together. Watch Recipe Video ABOVE.
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Egyptian Beetroot Dip
Egyptian Beetroot Dip in a white speckled bowl.
This quick and easy Egyptian beetroot dip is healthy and looks trappy on the table, which makes it perfect to serve at holidays, parties and family get togethers. Nobody will be worldly-wise to resist that vibrant color. Serve it with crackers for a crunchy, linty combination.
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Vanilla Cinnamon Old Fashioned
Two glasses of vanilla cinnamon old fashioned served side by side
Vanilla Cinnamon Old Fashioned is a twist on the archetype cocktail. This whiskey based drink has warm notes from cinnamon and vanilla and is a succulent winter drink
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Roasted Pineapple Moscow Mule
roasted pineapple moscow mule is a stemless wine glass with sprigs of mint
Moscow Mule is a archetype cocktail that's made with only two ingredients. We decided to take it up a notch by subtracting roasted pineapple. This adds a nice sweet smoky flavour to the drink and really takes it up a notch.
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Strawberry Pepper Gin and Tonic
Strawberry Pepper Gin and Tonic served in a short stemmed glass with sugar on the rim
Our take on Gin and Tonic with strawberries and pepper is super refreshing and fun. Fruity, tart, sweet and slightly spicy notes make this strawberry pepper gin and tonic cocktail perfect for brunches and family meals.
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Orange Cinnamon Whisky Smash
Orange Cinnamon Whisky Smash served with orange peels in a glass.
Simple tips to make orange cinnamon whiskey smash. A unconfined fall cocktail that's perfect for the holiday table. Can be made with bourbon too.
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Cranberry Ginger Holiday Cocktail
Cranberry Ginger Holiday Cocktail served in mason jars with sugar coated rims and a slice of lime. .
Cranberry Ginger Holiday Cocktail recipe is a chilled, refreshing vodka based drink that can be made in a pitcher and is perfect for a crowd!
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Non Drunkard Mulled Wine
Non Drunkard Mulled Wine served in a jug and poured into glasses.
This non drunkard version of mulled wine is so good that it'll make you forget alcohol! It's aromatic, infused with spices and a perfect remedy for a sore throat.
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Best Marshmallow Butterbeer Latte for Harry Potter fans
Homemade butterbeer latte topped with toasted marshmallows and served in a cup.
The weightier homemade butterbeer latte made with coffee, toffee and topped with toasted marshmallows. Just like the one you get at Starbucks!
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Non Drunkard Eggnog
Picture of two glasses of non drunkard eggnog with powdered cinnamon sprinkled on it
Non Drunkard Eggnog is so easy to make at home. With only six ingredients, this creamy, custardy drink is perfect for adults and kids - a christmas mocktail that everyone can enjoy!
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Main Course

Whole Roast Chicken
Roast yellow in the tint iron skillet, roasted with veggies and pan juices
Classic roast yellow made scrumptious with our very own herb garlic marinade. This detailed foolproof recipe will help you make the perfect homemade roast chicken.
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Roasted Spatchcock Yellow with Orange Rosemary
Spatchcocked yellow leg served over mashed potatoes with jus
Roasted spatchcock yellow is butterflied yellow marinated in orange rosemary butter. It's a technique that produces a beautiful, juicy yellow with crispy skin.
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Indian Style Whole Masala Roast Chicken
The Indian Style Whole Masala Roast Yellow in a red Fujihoro casserole.
This Indian Style Whole Masala Roast Yellow is a spicy, juicy roast yellow recipe that makes for a unconfined main dish at holiday tables!
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Easy Tandoori Whole Baked Cauliflower
Easy Tandoori Whole Baked Cauliflower that is a really variegated way of serving cauliflower!
Easy tandoori whole baked cauliflower recipe which makes a stunning, healthy vegetarian main course!
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Instant Pot Lasagna (vegetarian)
Instant Pot Lasagna served with a slice cut out
This vegetarian version of Instant Pot Lasagna tastes wondrous and has some trappy layers of pasta, sauteed veggies, ricotta spinach, pasta sauce and lots of cheese. Nobody will guess that this was made in the pressure cooker so forget the oven and try this foolproof way of making Lasagna instead.
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Kerala Style Egg Biryani
Egg Biryani served on a white platter with onion raita on the side
This Kerala Style egg biryani or mutta biryani has a slightly variegated flavour profile than most biryani recipes considering of the spices used in the recipe. It's really easy to make, and a fantastic way to feed a big family or a crowd. Moreover eggs work so well in a biryani that you really won't miss the meat.
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Spicy Chettinad Pepper Yellow Fry/Roast
A trencher full of Spicy Chettinad Pepper Yellow Fry/Roast
Spicy Chettinad Pepper Yellow Fry or Roast is made with whole ground spices, is fragrant, zesty hot and a popular Tamil Yellow recipe.
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Paneer Makhani Biryani
This Paneer Biryani with Makhani gravy is a unique twist on a vegetarian biryani that combines my love for paneer makhani and biryani! It's got layers of paneer makhani, fragrant basmati rice, mint, coriander and fried onions and every zest is super tasty.
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Paneer Biryani served on a grey plate with fried onions on the side
Mutton Biryani
Mutton biryani served on a platter with sliced onions, raita and mirchi salan
My Mutton Biryani recipe will requite you fantastic results every single time. It needs a little time and effort but you'll be rewarded with juicy, flavourful, tender pieces of meat and really fragrant rice.
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Restaurant Style Veg Biryani
Closeup of veg biryani in the pot without a few spoonfuls have been served
Insanely succulent veg biryani is a unconfined volitional for vegetarians. This recipe is so good that plane meat lovers will be impressed! It's the perfect family style meal. My tips and tricks will make sure you have the perfect vegetarian biryani every single time.
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The Weightier Yellow Biryani (Step by step video recipe)
Chicken Biryani served on a platter with crispy fried onions and onion raita.
Watch Recipe Video ABOVE for step by step directions. This homemade yellow biryani recipe is easier than you think. I have wrenched lanugo the unshortened recipe into a step by step process so that you can make this at your own pace. This biryani recipe is closest to Hyderabadi Biryani where yellow and rice are layered to make the most fragrant, and well spiced biryani.
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Creamy Yellow Meatballs in Mushroom Sauce
Creamy yellow meatballs in mushroom sauce in a pan
These linty yellow meatballs in mushroom sauce are soft, juicy, full of savor and tossed in a luscious sauce made up with lots of mushrooms. This is a succulent 30 minute dish that's perfect for dinner with some noodles or pasta.
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Creamy Baked Vegetable Au Gratin
Veg Au Gratin served on a plate with slices of garlic bread
Vegetable Au Gratin or Baked Vegetables in white sauce is a retro favourite. This recipe used a lot of vegetables that tossed in bechamel sauce that are baked till bubbling. Topped with a cheese and panko breadcrumb crust, its weightier paired with toasted garlic specie or dinner rolls.
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Pressure Cooker Whinge Bourguignon
Pressure Cooker Whinge Bourguignon served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies in a woebegone plate.
This pressure cooker whinge bourguignon has all the right flavors and is inspired by Julia Child's whinge stew with red wine and has tender, fall untied whinge chunks. Easy and fast considering its made in an Instant Pot but with the same flavors!
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Creamy Lemon Yellow Scallopini
Closeup of linty lemon yellow scallopini with lemon slices and capers on top
Creamy Lemon Yellow Scallopini is a super quick recipe that takes less than 30 minutes to put on the table and has a succulent lemon sauce that you'll want to drink straight from the pan! Studded with capers, this dish looks fantastic and tastes great. Its gluten free, and keto friendly.
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Chicken Roulade
Sliced pieces of Yellow Roulade served on a platter
Here's our take on the French archetype stuffed yellow roulade. The linty cheesy stuffing is made with fried bacon, sautéed mushroom and spinach.
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Easy Vegetarian Lasagna
Closeup of the layers of vegetarian lasagna
This easy vegetarian lasagna is the queen of repletion food. Its loaded with spinach ricotta, vegetables and a super easy homemade pasta sauce plus lots of cheese! A truly hearty meal in itself.
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Mutton Yakhni Pulao
Mutton yakhni pulao served on a woebegone plate with onions and raita on the side
Flavourful, elegant mutton yakhni pulao is so easy that you can whip it up for dinner, expressly if you make it in a Pressure cooker. Fragrant rice, tender pieces of meat, this is fit for a celebration.
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Side Dishes & Salads

Creamiest No Mayo Parsley Victual Potatoes
The Creamiest No Mayo Parsley Victual Potatoes in a woebegone skillet.
The creamiest parsley victual potatoes you'll overly make, without any mayonnaise!
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Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts - Sweet and Spicy
Roasted air fryer brussel sprouts served on a grey plate with ketchup on the side
Brussel Sprouts roasted in the Air Fryer to crispy perfection with sweet, spicy, garlicky flavours that are addictive!
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Vegetarian Gravy with Mushrooms
Brown vegetarian gravy poured on mashed potatoes
Make this brown vegetarian gravy from scratch with hands misogynist ingredients from your pantry - onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, a soupcon of red wine and some fresh herbs. Its rich, luxurious and full of umami!
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Creamy Parmesan Mushroom Sauce
Creamy parmesan mushroom sauce in the pan, ready to be served
Creamy parmesan mushroom sauce is the star of all sauces. Toss it with pasta, serve it on grilled yellow or steak, or just with leftover rice. It'll add savor to everything!
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Thai Prawn Mango Salad
Thai Prawn Mango Salad served on a white plate with cutlery on the side
This Thai Prawn Mango salad comes together in 15 minutes and is delicious, fresh and zesty - the perfect way to gloat summer! The trick is not to overcook prawns - based on the size, the cooking time varies from 30 secs to 2 minutes. Make the salad superiority of time considering as it sits in the fridge, the flavours get a endangerment to meld together and get absorbed.
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Vegan Pasta Salad with Italian Balsamic Dressing
Vegan Pasta Salad with Italian Balsamic Dressing served in a bowl
Watch the recipe video above. This Vegan Pasta Salad is packed with five cups of veggies and tossed in a light, flavorful Italian balsamic dressing that makes it a firm summer favorite. Its light and healthy, and is a meal on its own.
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Easy Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
Easy Mediterranean chickpea salad served in a ceramic trencher with a spoon
This mediterranean inspired chickpea salad is like a party in your mouth! It's got a healthy combination of protein, carbs, fibre and fats which makes it a unconfined dinner dish too. Carry it in your lunchbox or serve it as a side with some pita and hummus - this trencher will disappear in minutes. Ready in 15 minutes if you once have cooked chickpeas at hand.
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Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad
Cold lemon orzo pasta salad with feta, served in a bowl.
Super zippy and summery lemon orzo pasta salad is vegetarian, and bursting with summer produce. Tossed with corn, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red tintinnabulate peppers, spinach, feta and a light but succulent lemon salad dressing, this salad is perfect to make superiority and serve cold.
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Instant Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes (Pressure Cooker Recipe)
Mashed potatoes flavored with garlic and served in a wooden bowl.
These Instant Pot Garlic Mashed Potatoes are super linty and take 30 minutes and one electric pressure cooker from start to finish. They should be tabbed melt-in-your-mouth mashed potatoes considering they are sooo good! Watch recipe video ABOVE
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Best Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes 4 Add In Ideas
Mashed potatoes cooked and served in the slow cooker with blobs of butter on top
Learn how to make creamy, velvety mashed potatoes in the slow cooker. This is a really hands off process which saves you a burner if you are making several holiday dishes. The result is amazing! Plus the slow cooker moreover keeps them warm.
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Extra Linty Garlic Mashed Potato
Mashed potatoes served in a white trencher with pools of butter on top
I have an wondrous tip to make mashed potatoes uneaten creamy. Use a sieve which requires a little increasingly arm strength than usual but combined with infused garlic butter and milk, these mashed potatoes are silky smooth and have a trappy garlic flavour that takes these to the next level!!
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How to make Ghee Rice
Ghee Rice pictured in the pot that it was made in topped with fried onions and fried cashews
Ghee Rice is a simple recipe that takes less than twenty minutes to make. Its flavorful, whiffy and a unconfined way to hoist steamed rice if you want something uneaten on the table!
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Sticky Toffee Pudding
Sticky Toffee Pudding served on a white dessert plate topped with vanilla ice surf and toffee sauce
This is the ultimate British dessert but made non fussy with this recipe. Very simple, pantry ingredients that come together to make a rich, intense, caramel-y sticky toffee pudding without any special ingredients like treacle.
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Classic Cassata Upgraded with a Cheesecake Layer
Classic Cassata sliced on a worktop showing all the four layers
Cassata is so easy to make at home. I'm showing you to make it, customize it and add a layer of cheesecake considering cheesecake makes everything better! This is largest than store bought cassata ice surf and you won't believe how easy it is.
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Jaggery Mawa Cake
Mawa Confection served on a white platter with sliced almonds on the side
This Parsi bakery style Mawa Confection is a rich, indulgent dessert, scented with cardamom and topped with almond slices. Moist, luxurious and festive!
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Lavender White Chocolate Truffles
Lavender White Chocolate Truffles served with Big Banyan's Bellissima.
Lavender white chocolate truffles are fragrant, linty white chocolate bites that are perfect for the festive season and holidays! Use them to serve as mini desserts, or for gifting.
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Garam Masala Eggless World Bundt Cake
Garam Masala Eggless World Bundt Confection topped with a brown butter and rum glaze.
Garam Masala Eggless World Bundt Confection - easy, moist, spiced confection made with fresh apples and glazed with a brown butter rum sauce.
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Last Minute Plum Confection (Christmas Fruit Cake)
Last minute plum confection or christmas fruit confection set up on the table for slicing
This recipe for plum confection is what you can use if you want to make some at the last minute. No pre-soaking zestless fruits and nuts for days, but the same intense flavour and moist confection that everyone loves. Its an easy Christmas fruit confection recipe that you'll be making then and again!
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Classic Vanilla Panna Cotta
Picture of panna cotta on a plate with a zest taken out of it
This archetype vanilla panna cotta recipe is an elegant and easy dessert. Most people think panna cotta will have a lengthy process considering the results are so amazing, but this needs five simple ingredients and twenty minutes to put together. Make sure to use the weightier quality gelatin for unconfined results.
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Masala Chai Panna Cotta
Masala Chai Panna Cotta served on a woebegone plate with fresh figs
Masala Chai Panna Cotta will be the perfect finish to a holiday dinner. Flavored with chai tea, whole spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla, its rich, linty and really elegant. Make it for thanksgiving, Christmas, or plane Diwali - this dessert leave your guests asking for seconds.
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Strawberry Mousse
Strawberry mousse layered in a glass with strawberry compote topped with half a strawberry on a wooden board.
This simple 3 ingredient strawberry mousse is an elegant dessert that comes together in less than 30 minutes.
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No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Jars
Two No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Jars with fresh strawberries scattered around
No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Jars are creamy, made with fresh strawberries and have a creamy, mousse like texture that's veritably delicious! Make these for valentines day or take them to a picnic considering these are so hands transportable, or just serve these individual cheesecake jars at a party.
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Orange Buttermilk Pound Cake
Close up of orange buttermilk pound confection crumb
An easy to follow recipe for soft, moist orange buttermilk pound confection which is full of fresh, tart flavors and is a perfect tea-time snack.
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Eggnog Tres Leche - 3 Milk Cake
Eggnog tres leches served with strawberries on the side on a white plate
Taking tres leches to flipside level by soaking it in eggnog instead of the traditional milk mixture. This confection is soft, spongy and moist and you'll taste eggnog in every bite. The sponge for this tres leches is really zappy which helps it soak up all the liquid turning this into a trappy dessert that everyone will love.
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Scottish Dundee Cake
Close up of a slice of dundee confection to showcase the moist crumb
The Scottish Dundee Confection is a unconfined volitional to the rich Christmas Confection or Plum Cake. This is the confection if you want a lighter, fluffy talc and a moist confection that works as a unconfined holiday dessert or an everyday tea cake. This confection is simpler to make but checks all the right boxes for a unconfined family style dessert!
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Vegan Coconut Caramel Custard
Overhead picture of coconut caramel custard served on a white plate with a undecorous edging and a spoon
A succulent recipe for coconut caramel custard that's vegan and made on the stovetop in a steamer. It's a stunning dessert that's light and creamy.
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Extra Fudgy Chocolate Pixie Cookies
Brownie Cookies sprinkled with sea salt and placed on a tray lined with parchment paper
These chocolate pixie cookies are uneaten fudgy and have a crinkly top with the pixie interior peeking through. They are pretty easy to put together and are wondrous when dunked in milk. The key is to whip the egg and sugar mixture till it forms a ribbon like consistency as shown in the video above.
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Danish Brown Butter Cookies
Two hands holding an unshortened tray of danish brown butter cookies
These Danish brown butter cookies are sweet, salty with a trappy nuttiness from brown butter. One dough can be used to make various shapes and these velvety cookies make wondrous Christmas gifts.
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Eggless Chocolate Tweedle Cookies
Eggless chocolate fries cookies freshly baked on a cookie sheet
These soft, chewy chocolate tweedle cookies are completely eggless and you won't plane know the difference!
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Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies - Soft and Chewy (No Surf of Tartar)
These Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies are soft and chewy have all the fall flavours - pumpkin, cinnamon, chocolate fries and peanut butter chips. Snickerdoodles are usually made with surf of tartar, but this recipe gives you an option to get the same taste but without it.
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Cakey Red Velvet Surf Cheese Crinkle Cookies
The cakey cookies fresh out of the oven.
Cakey Red Velvet Surf Cheese Crinkle Cookies are soft, chewy cookies that are made from scratch and will fit right in with your holiday plans. Use them for cookie swaps, gifting or just to pass virtually the Christmas table!
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Biscoff Cookie
A shot of biscoff cookies stacked one one top of flipside on a woebegone grill tray.
These 3-ingredient Biscoff cookies are ridiculously easy to make and come together in less than 30 minutes!
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I hope you find inspiration in this list of Christmas Recipes that we've put together for you and find something that you and your family love! Happy Holidays!

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