140: the eye story details

Talking well-nigh my eye story from red, inflamed eyes, finding a dry eye specialist, and autoimmune findings, what I’m doing in the meantime.

Hi friends! I hope you’ve having a wonderful day! I have a new podcast episode up with the full eye story details. I put the undeniability out on IG for topic requests, and so many of you asked to hear increasingly well-nigh what’s been going on. I shared some in this post with the weightier products for dry vision and MGD, but I’m breaking everything lanugo in this podcast episode. Thank you so much for those of you who have checked in and have been so caring on this wild journey.

*Friendly reminder that this is not medical advice; just sharing my experience.

Here’s what I talk well-nigh in this episode:

– My eye saga, from red, inflamed vision to figuring out what the heck was unquestionably going on

– Bloodwork and test results

– Finding a dry eye specialist

– What functional labs I’ve been doing

– Why you aren’t your diagnosis, and so much more.

Just like with many medical situations in my life, I’m fusing increasingly Western style treatments (like MiBoFlo) with functional and holistic options (lab testing, protocols). It doesn’t have to be one or the other, and I’m grateful to have lots of options and for wondrous superintendency providers. <3

Notes from the episode:

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The weightier products for dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis

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