10 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Lose Weight In Winter

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In the cold winter months it’s tough to summon the courage to brave the weather and get outside for a workout. Even your dog might think twice about begging for another trek through the snow.

But just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you have to pack on pounds as you and your dog hibernate for the season.

You can still stay fit, lose weight, and stick to your New Year’s resolution with these ten workouts that will let your pup help you get in shape while you’re inside where it’s warm.

1. ‘Feed The Pup’ Workout

This workout routine uses giving your pup a treat as a motivator for you to stretch out and keep your form as you do some aerobic exercise.

You’ll need to have a dog who likes to lie around while you do all the work, and this is more of an exercise for you than your pooch. But it’s a fun way to give your dog some extra treats, or you could even substitute in their dinner to stop them from eating so fast.

2. Doggy Stairs

If your house has a stairway, put it to good use and get a great workout.

There are plenty of stair exercises you can do, as you can see in the video above. And having your pup at your side to follow you as you go up and down will tire them out and burn off some puppy energy, too.

3. UFC Training Partner

This is for the advanced fitness fan with a patient pooch.

The puppy in this video above seems happy to get plenty of attention from his workout partner, and it’s absolutely adorable when he puts up his dukes to spar. He helps his owner do push ups, ab workouts, squats, lifts, and all kinds of exercises.

Give them a try if you’re looking for a challenge.

4. Fetch Ab Twist

This is a game that will require a larger room or long hallway for fetch.

The idea is just to keep doing twisties and ab workouts while your dog fetches the ball, then stay in a crunch position as you throw it.

It’s a good way to tighten the abs and let your dog get some play exercise at the same time.

5. Squat Jumps

Woman playing with dog in kitchen

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In this workout, have your dog lie in front of you while you hold a ball or treat. Move into a squat and hold the motivator in front of your pup. Then launch yourself up to standing position with your hands above your head.

Try to get your dog to follow you and jump up. Then reward your pup for a job well done. Repeat as much as you’d like.

6. Dog Yoga–AKA ‘Doga’

Yoga is a great way to relax, increase flexibility, and even lose weight.

There are plenty of dog yoga or “doga” tutorials out there, but the video above instructs you on how to do the “happy doggy pose,” and the adorable Pit Bull pup seems to be perfectly at peace and loving all the attention.

Give it a try if your dog is patient.

7. Canine Dance Routine

Maybe you’ve seen some dance routines that involve dogs, but you may not be aware that there are actually dog dance world championships.

Even if you’re not looking to compete, coming up with a dance routine is a great way to bond with your dog, and it’s a fun workout. Get your groove on with your pup and dance away the pounds.

8. Follow The Leader

Young Woman And Dog Walking In The House

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Follow the leader was a fun game when you were a kid, and now you can enjoy it all over again with your dog.

Hold a motivator like food or a ball and have your dog follow you around the house. If your pup gets in front of you, change directions.

This is also a good way to train your pup to follow you when you’re on walks, and it’s sure to get you both up and moving. It’s a nice, easy workout to start with.

9. Puppy Push Ups

Maybe you’re not looking for something as advanced as the push ups that the guy is doing in the video above, but you can easily train your dog to give you a paw as you come up from a regular push up.

Your dog can be your spotter and motivate you to keep on building those muscles, but be sure to give plenty of rewards.

10. Dog Aerobics

The workouts in the video above require a smart, trainable pup and plenty of patience, but you can focus on one or two of them depending on how you want to exercise.

You can train your dog to sit up when you do a curl, squat with you, roll over and stretch, balance on two legs, or even use the wall for some strength training.

These are more advanced techniques if you’ve already mastered some other workouts with your dog.

What other ways can your dog help keep you in shape during the winter? Do you have any workout routines with your pooch? Let us know in the comments below!